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Poker case purchase guide


All our poker cases are hand-made and boast wood-rib interiors lined with black baize. All too often, the poker cases found on sale today have very fragile plastic interiors.

Our poker cases all come with:

  • Two locks and a pair of keys

  • 2 boxed decks of poker-size cards

  • 5 transparent, smooth-edged red dice

  • One Dealer button

  • Small Blind, Big Blind and Missed Blind buttons

Our poker chip cases come in Classic aluminium and Black aluminium models.

Classic aluminium

Alu Klassik

Black aluminium

Alu Schwarz

Our cases are available in the following 5-colour chip combinations:


200-chip cases

300-chip cases

500-chip cases

1000-chip cases

White chips

50 White chips

100 White chips

150 White chips

300 White chips

Red chips

50 Red chips

50 Red chips

150 Red chips

250 Red chips

Green chips

50 Green chips

50 Green chips

100 Green chips

200 Green chips

Blue chips

25 Blue chips

50 Blue chips

50 Blue chips

150 Blue chips

Black chips

25 Black chips

50 Black chips

50 Black chips

100 Black chips

Choosing the size of your poker chip case

The most suitable size of poker chip case depends mainly on the number of players in the game. Each player should normally start with between 60 and 90 chips, but this may vary according to the type of game and its structure (tournament, cash game, deepstack, etc).

The following standards can be used as a guide:

The most used poker chip cases are the 300- and 500-chip versions.